Watch Bill Cunningham and Smile

A true original, keeping it real, this documentary portrays Bill's fascination of people and what they wear.

A True Inspiration!

This fascinating documentary "Bill Cunningham New York," see's Bill celebrate his 80th birthday. He spends his days pedalling around Manhattan on his trusty bicycle, taking photographs of what people are wearing and has been doing this everyday since the mid 80's.

Isabella Blow - She will dare any fashion; Cunningham's picture of the late fashion icon was published in the New York Times in April 1999 and we think she looks fabulous!

Bill has been famous for many years and his work is frequently featured in Vogue and The New York Times. He takes a genuine interest in what people wear from all walks of life around town and treats everyone with sincere delight.



Living Like A Monk

His Carnegie Hall apartment was so stacked with filing cabinets filled with decades of negatives that there was literally nothing else there but a mattress on top of some files. No kitchen and a bathroom down the hall. 
Bill is happy as Larry about this set up. When he was relocated to another apartment overlooking Central Park, he had the landlord remove the kitchen appliances to make room for more filing cabinets.

Artist & Philosopher

You don't have to be into fashion to watch this as you will get a rare insight into someone who has got it pegged and makes it work for them. Smile at the authenticity of a man delighted with his lot. 

                                               We salute you Bill Cunningham!