Vintage Vogue

Finding endless inspiration from vintage Vogue covers.

I often look to my collection of Vogue’s when seeking inspiration on colour, shape, pattern and style. Inheriting a pile from my Mum; this spurred my interest and fascination with the magazine. More for the pictures than the words I have to say.

I love the contrast of the blue and pink, it looks like she's got a psychedelic palm tree for the sleeve of her dress.

Covers from the 1920's are filled with art deco charm and this particular illustration is an absolute gem! I've got a weak spot for Zebra's, check out my Zebra Unicorn

Alluring colours and a whimsical style, this cover is from 1913. In the early days, they seemed more focused on design and illustration - beautifully considered works of art.

However, since the first publication in 1892 there hasn't been a year without an artist collaboration, from photographers to painters, Vogue have featured some of the greats. Helmut Newton and Irving Penn to name but a few, and Vogue were actually the first magazine to publish a photograph on the front page.

Salvador Dali contributed paintings and illustrations for Vogue from the 1930's through to the 1970's. This is from April 1944, and is totally my favourite. 


Irving Penn 1950

Irving Penn

Andy Warhol 1984


 Joan Miró, December 1979


                                           A few more that make me smile



              Not exactly vintage but Kate Moss always seems to rock it!