Tutti Frutti Graffiti Mural

My most recent mural project involved painting the Tutti Frutti design onto a metal shipping container, now home to Bear Fruits; a local grocery store close to my studio.

I was absolutely thrilled to be approached by Tina, who established Bear Fruits in 2012 and asked me to design a mural for her space. Tina was keen to add a splash of colour onto the front of the container, come whole foods store in the heart of Bristol city centre.

Bright colours are what I love best, and the opportunity to paint the fruits on such a large scale was amazing. I hand drew the design big enough to make an impact from a distance, and set to work painting the shapes. It took 3 coats of weather shield paint to cover my primer, a classic gun metal grey. I think the colours really pop! I then used Posca pens to add detail to the shapes, and finally they began to look like fruits...

A love of all things tropical have influenced this design, and is a theme that runs through a lot of my work. I should also give thanks to Brazilian beauty Carmen Miranda.

It was such an interesting experience to spend 5 days painting at The Bear Pit, Bristol. A melting pot of local traders, commuters, homeless people, crazy folk and friends alike all stopped by to say hello! The response from people toward the mural was really positive, which definitely helps moral when your painting outside in the freezing cold of December!                                              Tutti Frutti eat your heart out!