Britain's National Bird Vote

A calling to Britain to choose a new national bird has been launched. I've illustrated all the opponents and encourage you to vote now!

A campaign to vote for Britain's national bird was recently launched, a crusade formed by bird enthusiast, lover and expert David Lindo aka The Urban Birder.

Birds remain a strong influence throughout my work, dedicating a whole collection of greeting cards to my favourite Great British Birds

In support of the campaign I set to work to illustrate all the contenders. 10 birds were selected from an original list of 60 iconic birds voted on last year. I present my illustrations and a little insight to help you choose.....

Bertie Blackbird

Arguably our most recognisable bird, their song said to be one of the prettiest and familiar, can Bertie steal the show? 

Rosie Red Kite

The reintroduction of Rosie and her friends is a major conservation success story of the last 20 years. In rapid decline in Wales, we now boast over 3000 Red kites in Britain.

Mildred Mute Swan

Mildred is highly intelligent with exceptional hearing and vision. Astoundingly she bears around 25,000 feathers, and is of course quintessentially British. Can she win the nations heart?

Woody Wren

In proportion to his size, Woody has the loudest song of any British bird. He has a strong British heritage, adorning a farthing coin in 1946, a somewhat celebrity among his chums.

Betty Blue Tit

This busy, hyperactive little bird can be spotted all across the country with a whopping 3.5 million breeding pairs. Easily identified due to her brightly coloured feathers, Betty has been coined the nations favourite.

Hettie Hen Harrier

On the edge of extinction in England, the title would be sure to raise the profile and awareness of this beautifully dramatic Bird of Prey.

Peter Puffin

A bizarrely striking looking bird, sometimes referred to as a Sea Parrot. Peter is highly photogenic with a cartoon-like appeal. Excellent swimmers and surprisingly fleet flyers, the Puffin has it all.

Roxy Robin

Roxy Robin was declared Britain's national bird on December 15th, 1960. For such a small, friendly natured bird it was surprising to discover they will invariably defend their territories, sometimes fighting to the death!

Kenny Kingfisher

Bearing some of the most magical coloured feathers. Iridescent blue, turquoise and striking orange make Kenny a stunning contender.

Beatrice Barn Owl

After years of decline, the British population is increasing slowly but surely. Can Beatrice screech to success?

I've thoroughly enjoyed jumping on the band wagon and ramping up the election a little. Just remember....You Vote Counts! Vote now

                                  Voting closes at midnight on the 7th of May.