Greeting Cards

Welcome to our brand new greeting card collections, launched in winter 2014!

Exclusively illustrated by Amber and now available to you and your customers.

We use the latest printing techniques to reproduce our designs and all our greetings cards are printed on high quality 350gsm, FSC certified card.

Each design comes in a pack of 6.

  • Bird Ouch!
    Bird Ouch!
    Greeting Card • AE0013
  • Bird Wreath
    Bird Wreath
    Greeting Card • AE0012
  • Christmas Collage
    Christmas Collage
    Greeting Card • AE0010
  • Chutneys Stacked
    Chutneys Stacked
    Greeting Card • AE0014
  • Dixie Dunlin
    Dixie Dunlin
    Greeting Card • AE0007
  • Elephant & Seal
    Elephant & Seal
    Greeting Card • AE0024
  • Eye Love You
    Eye Love You
    Greeting Card • AE0019
  • Fancy a Lick
    Fancy a Lick
    Greeting Card • AEoo17
  • Florence Firecrest
    Florence Firecrest
    Greeting Card • AE0006
  • Hooked on You
    Hooked on You
    Greeting Card • AE0016
  • Kenny Kingfisher
    Kenny Kingfisher
    Greeting Card • AE0003
  • Let's Run Away to the Circus
    Let's Run Away to the Circus
    Greeting Card • AE0022